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New Approaches to Key Categories in Food Retail

As consumer behavior shifts, food retailers must adapt.

How five key retail categories are adapting for a post-pandemic future.

The last year has been a wild ride for the supermarket industry. No part of the business has been untouched by the effects of the pandemic and the radically changed needs of the consumer. For some product categories, that meant record-setting sales spikes; for others, dramatic dips.

Now, retailers are imagining every part of the store for the future. Which trends are here to stay? What will consumers expect this year and beyond? And which businesses are best positioned for a post-pandemic world?

This special report from Supermarket News offers an in-depth look at how five key product categories have been transformed — and what trends are shaping their futures. Find out how retailers are innovating throughout the store
and driving sales with a focus on convenience, safety and value.

Grow your business in the restaurant and food retail industries.

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