Print Advertising

Convey Brand Credibility with Industry Leading Magazines

Leverage this well-established medium for creating brand awareness and building credibility with subscribers, many of whom are longtime loyal readers. Print ads are tangible, impactful, last for an indefinite amount of time.



Focused attention given to reading magazines aids with recall.


Utilize magazines to showcase colorful and detailed product images and messaging


Longer form content translates into deep engagement and increased time spent


Nation's Restaurant News
nrn magazine covers

Circulation: 101,000+ | Frequency: 12x per year

NRN’s experienced editorial team sheds light on new and best-in-class technology, corporate strategy, marketing, menu, consumer trends and franchising leaders.

Supermarket News
SN magazine covers

Circulation: 31,000+ | Frequency: Monthly

Supermarket News goes deep on the trends changing the grocery industry, up and down the aisles of a supermarket, from center store to fresh departments.



Franchise Focus

Subscribers: 101,000+ | Frequency: 2x per year

A must-read for potential franchisees, the Franchise Focus from Nation’s Restaurant News is a detailed report covering franchise opportunities, best practices and innovative financing and real estate strategies. It connects franchisors with franchisees and allows you to align your opportunities to valuable content and a highly targeted audience.


Breakfast Journal

Subscribers: 101,000+ | Frequency: 1x per year

As operators and suppliers continue to look for new and innovative roads to profits, breakfast remains a great avenue for growth. Showcase your breakfast offerings to decision-makers looking to grow their morning daypart via a single publication.

Special Ad Sections

Our special advertising sections allow you to tell your story in a section dedicated to specific topics. Readers look for the latest products that can improve their operations.


In our print editions, we offer classified advertising opportunities for recruitment, products, services and real estate listings.

Rely on our trusted publications to drive awareness for your brand.