Take Users Deep into a Visual, Engaging Dive into Your Content

Guide users through a vivid digital experience with powerful storytelling, interactive effects, animations, multimedia, and often branching narratives. Gather strong leads and detailed measurements while you deepen your relationship with your clients.



Turn your strongest content into vivid, immersive storytelling.


Strengthen bonds with your users with a potent digital experience.


Leverage deep data reporting metrics  to qualify leads and measure ROI.

From whitepapers to webinars – Storyscapes extend the life of your content into a visually immersive and mobile optimized experience that guides readers through an interactive journey.


Solution Snapshot

Keep Them Scrolling

Break out of the ordinary and tell your story using high-quality content featured in a custom designed, fully branded site that keeps digital users scrolling for more.

High-Quality Content

Build In Lead Generation

Opportunity to incorporate lead generation by gating full storyscape or specific assets like white papers or webinars.

Lead Generation

Perfect For Mobile

Mobile-friendly and responsive, designed to suit any type of content and all devices.

Perfect for Mobile

What’s Included

Digital Content Expertise

  • Development of a hosted, branded online experience.
  • Creative page design, development and technical integration.
  • Collaboration with industry expert on content development that will engage the audience you are targeting.

Features & Functionality

  • In-page navigation that “follows” the user as they scroll and allows users to jump to sections of interest.
  • Dedicated area for up to 3 sponsor-provided related assets.
  • Built-in social sharing options.
  • Ability to embed videos, social feeds, or other clickable media.

Exposure & Reporting

  • Exposure through newsletters, websites and social channels.
  • Detailed and segmented monthly engagement metrics.

Capture your audience with a vivid digital experience and powerful storytelling.