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Supermarket News boasts the most trafficked website and largest total audience in the industry, delivering decision makers and influencers.

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Solving Marketers Biggest Challenges

Cross-Channel Branding
Cross-Channel Branding
Surround commercial operators with a high impact and consistent brand message.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Inform to engage and convert hardcore leads. Strategies that increase engagement and leads.
Engaged Sales Leads
Engaged Sales Leads
Drive a faster sales cycle.

Increase your sales through product messaging strategies and adept advertising programs.

Marketing Solutions


Reach a large or hyper-targeted audience via display, newsletters, programmatic, native, and print options.

Content Marketing

Fuel content marketing strategies with visual storytelling, content creation services and lead conversion programs.

Lead Generation

Engage target audiences, generate and qualify leads through behavioral scoring to shorten the sales cycle.


Guide your strategy, gain insights, stay ahead of the competition.


Rely on video to engage audiences, attract new prospects and tell your story with impact.


Leverage our audience data to increase your social engagement & conversions.

Expert Spotlight

  • Sarah Lockyer
    Sarah Lockyer Group Publisher

    Well-known foodservice expert, Sarah is a media strategist and business leader with more than 12 years of experience building leading digital brands.

    • Kent Scholla
      Kent Scholla Head of Sales

      Kent has been working in the foodservice industry for over 10 years. He heads up the strategic design, development and implementation of new concepts in digital, print and custom marketing solutions for advertisers.

    • Jenna Telesca
      Jenna Telesca Editorial Director

      Jenna Telesca leads the content strategy and the award-winning editorial teams for Nation’s Restaurant News, Restaurant Hospitality and Supermarket News. Specializing in digital journalism and deep dives, she joined the group in 2010 and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago.

      • Michael Browne
        Michael Browne Managing Editor, Supermarket News

        Michael joined Supermarket News in 2018 after serving in managing and executive editor capacities at Convenience Store News, License Global and Travel Agent. A graduate of Fordham University, Browne is based in New York City.

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