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Nation’s Restaurant News is the only independent publication covering and serving the entire foodservice industry. From large chains to the emerging independent restaurants, NRN shares the insights that matter to grow your business.

NRN’s experienced editorial team sheds light on new and best-in-class technology, corporate strategy, marketing, menu, consumer trends and franchising leaders. Leveraging our tight relationships within the restaurant industry, our editors can bring you the real story behind the story like no one else can.

Industry professionals can access Nation’s Restaurant News across all platforms, including, eNewsletters, data products, live events, podcasts, social media and feature-packed magazine issues.

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SOURCES: Nation’s Restaurant News User Survey; Signet AdStudy

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Expert Spotlight

  • Sam Oches
    Sam Oches Editorial Director

    Sam has covered the foodservice industry for over 12 years and is a past president of the International Foodservice Editorial Council (IFEC).

  • Ron Ruggless
    Ron Ruggless Senior Editor

    Ron covers business trends and topics ranging from real estate to acquisitions for Nation’s Restaurant News and Restaurant Hospitality magazines and their websites. He joined NRN in 1992.

  • Bret Thorn
    Bret Thorn Senior Editor

    Bret Thorn reports on food & beverage trends for Nation’s Restaurant News & Restaurant Hospitality. He joined NRN in 1999. A graduate of Tufts University, Bret is based in Brooklyn.

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