State of the Market

Market Research + Expert Insights on Trending Topic

To stay competitive, you need to be at the forefront of the key trends and market challenges that are impacting your industry.

State of the Market


Position your company at the forefront of trending topics.


Align your company with our trusted experts and brands.


Generate quality leads with a high-value asset.

Solution Snapshots

Understand the Factors at Play

Research from audience survey provides business insights that can be shared across your organization.

Market Research

Deliver Useful Industry Knowledge

State of the Market report wraps insight and great design around the research. Provides your target audiences with a highly desired thought leadership piece.

Industry Knowledge

Industry Insights Turned Lead Gen

Lead generation engine delivers quality leads for marketing and sales teams.

Industry Insights

See it for yourself!

What’s Included

Informa Research Study

  • 20-question, editorially-driven survey
  • Includes 2 strategic questions from sponsor
  • 150+ repsondents from target audience
  • Result data tables provided
  • Logo optional on report

Marketing-Facing Report

  • Market-Facing data report with expert analysis and graphics (20 pages)
  • Graphical chart summary for internal use (10-15 pages)
  • Unlimited usage rights to share insights

Promotions & Engagement

  • Dedicated landing page featuring report + up to 3 related sponsor assets
  • Turnkey, multi-channel marketing campaign (email, newsletter, site & social)
  • 200 leads delivered over 2 months (adjust down for advance filters)

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