Drive Data Expertise and Generate Leads with Compelling Content

With our massive database of over 20 million users, a wealth of nuanced behavioral data, and over 100+ original research studies per year, our global research team really understands your audience. We scout out upcoming trends, test concepts, and create solutions for you to gain a competitive edge. Use our analytics and insights to make decisions that lead to success.



Collaborate with research experts to develop survey questions that provide quality data.


Position your company at the forefront of trending topics.


Research is delivered in an easy-to-read, visually appealing report that’s ready for your whole team to use.

Industry Insights Turned Lead Gen

This case study showcases how Fourth, a leading provider of cloudbased forecasting and cost control software for the hospitality industry, worked with the Restaurant & Food Group to build relevant research that can help validate go-to-market messaging and be a source for premium content to engage busy restaurant operators.

Comprehensive Market Research Reports

State of the Market

Our State of the Market report wraps insight and great design around custom research. Provide your target audience with a highly desired thought leadership piece based on a 20-question survey with over 200+ respondents.

Market Leader Report

Develop thought leadership and drive leads with this market facing research report. Comprehensive market research is coupled with analysis from a subject matter expert around an industry hot button issue to help readers understand the forces at play and gain intelligent insights for smart decision making.

Research Solutions


Develop thought leadership with a niche 10-15 page report that will be optimized in multi-channel marketing campaigns. Capture qualified, engaged leads with our reporting capabilities. 


Proprietary client study to measure brand awareness & perception across target Informa audience.


Research to help guide today’s content marketer with strategic direction and compelling data points to enrich all content assets.

Industry Insights


Gain valuable insight to deeply understand your audience, expand into new markets, test product concepts or refine your strategic plans.

Research Extensions

Promote your research through a combination of different asset pieces that resonate with your target audience and drive engagement.

Brand Awareness with Engaging Content

Promote your research through shortform video and infographics to resonate with your target audience and drive engagement; Client will also own the assets for promotion across its own channels to maximize ROI.

Content Assets That Drive Leads

Leverage your research to develop two tailored content assets to extend your ROI and develop traction; then package those assets with data-driven media promotion to amplify reach and generate leads.

Gain priceless intelligence to inform your business strategies.