Case Study

Webinars: Build a Pipeline for Successful Lead Generation

As face-to-face meetings have been put on hold for the past few months, webinars have become an effective way for foodservice suppliers to share their industry expertise while also gaining a large quantity of new & qualified leads.

Users want experiences that educate, and high-value learning is a primary lead generator. No longer simple training videos, webinars are multilevel engines of engagement–a place to establish credibility, influence the influencers, interact with genuine leads, and then transform their first touch into an ongoing relationship.

Simplot, a major food and agribusiness company, wanted to grow its market share in the foodservice industry. To drive product awareness and sales, the food manufacturer teamed up with Informa Engage to tap into our deep reach into the Food & Restaurant industry.

The campaign led with an informational webinar designed and produced by Informa Engage to create awareness and leads. The webinar was immediately followed by a three-touch nurturing program to further engage the audience deeper into the sales funnel and drive large order sales for the company.

Over 328 leads registered for the webinar and attendance rates were above average. Lead nurturing continued to drive engagement with the food manufacturer by downloading additional content, driving them deeper into the sales funnel.

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