Virtual Event Extensions

Connectivity is Our New Normal.

To stay consistently relevant with your target audience means engaging them across multiple channels. We live in an increasingly digital driven world and the transformation is opening up untapped marketing opportunities. We need immediate viable digital alternatives now more than ever.

Stay Competitive and Infuse Digital Into Your Events.

Virtual Event Services


Leverage content and audience amplification to generate excitement, promote attendee participation, and build awareness for the event.


Content capture from the event powers marketing promotions, while augmenting the live experience for attendees and a broader audience.


Extend post event presence to maintain the community, provide additional client resources, and reduce acquisition costs for next year.

Virtual Event Opportunities

Virtual Events

Virtual events bring professionals together into an interactive, online environment. Attendees engage with exhibitor content for up to 50 individual booths with live chat or by user-friendly, topic-based content zones.


A one-month program that educates industry professionals with on-demand webinars, editorially driven executive interviews, virtual demos and other related thought leadership resources.

Executive Q&A

Showcase the perspective of one of your executives in a 2-page content marketing asset are designed to provide readers with updates on your organization, your POV on current trends, or solutions to their biggest challenges.

Virtual Demo

Deliver a high-quality online demo to many prospects at once, from the comfort of your own desk. Leverage video, audio, slides assets and screen-sharing to  showcase value and answer questions.

Take the First Step in Creating Virtual Content & Events.