Retailers, suppliers seek to provide a center store experience that resonates with today’s consumers

Center store categories are desperate for a little attention from shoppers, so they are starting to act a little more like their more popular fresh category siblings in the perimeter.

Consumers are only spending 18% of each shop­ping trip in the center of the store, but the average supermarket still devotes 80% to 85% of its floor space to center store aisles, according to the Coca-Cola Re-energizing Center Store Report. Dollar sales in center store categories are declining, the report concludes, and operators are cutting back on the space they pro­vide for these items.

Lately an increasing number of industry observers have raised the possibility that those center store sales are lost for good — and that in fact the days of the traditional supermarket format may be numbered.

But operators and their supplier partners are experimenting with a range of tactics to re­vive the center of the store, many of them seeking to mimic the attributes that have led consumers to the perimeter departments, including convenience, health, transparency, meal solutions and an engaging shopping experience.

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