How to Make Your Products Stand Out

What Foodservice operators and chefs consider when selecting products.

If you are breaking into the foodservice industry, you need communicate and showcase what makes you better and different. Decision makers in foodservice want products and services that will help them increase traffic and better run their business.

Here are some tips on how to make your products stand out to those making purchasing or business decisions:

  • How is it used – know the best applications of your products, what parts of the menu they serve, convenience factors, large group or single servings, etc. The better you can demonstrate for a buyer how your product can best be used in their specific environment, the better chance you have in getting them to work with you.
  • Key Differentiators – show how your product is innovative or satisfies a unique purpose. Is it a healthy gluten free option, is it a time saver, is it packaged in a convenient way? Showcase the unique features that you offer, but make sure to connect the value your product/service brings to operators.
  • Samples – always be prepared to provide samples of your product, or provide a way for your prospect to see your product in action. Promoting rebates is one way, but showcasing your products at events is another way for decision makers to get hands-on or taste your product.
  • Product Specifics – product information is extremely helpful to foodservice operators such as ingredients, packaging, pricing, recipes, etc. as it helps them understand how best they can fit your products into their business, menus, recipes, etc.

Consider these tips when developing your overall marketing and sales messages and/or your next marketing campaign. As a trusted authority on foodservice and food retail, our network of brands will help you effectively reach the restaurant, noncommercial foodservice and food retail industry.  Nation’s Restaurant News is the preeminent foodservice brand and the most trafficked website in all of foodservice.  Restaurant Hospitality is the premier resource dedicated to the success of the professional restaurateur. Food Management has the largest audience for the noncommercial/onsite foodservice community.

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