Audience Extension

Sharpen Your Focus to Outperform Traditional Display

Extend the reach of your display advertising by being smart. Focus on ideal prospects across our brand sites and extended networks of top business sites. Audience Extension extends your campaign reach and amps up its effectiveness.

Target smart to win.

Audience Extension


Benefit from deep demographic data to target personas that matter most.


Reach prospects in channels they frequent and depend on.


Extend your campaign into social channels and benefit from consistent, on-point messaging.

Solution Snapshot

Video Pre-Roll

With attention spans growing increasingly shorter, video is quickly becoming one of the most popular marketing channels to reach audiences. Leverage Informa Engage Video Pre-roll to get your message in front of thousands of decision makers and influencers.

Pre-roll videos play a 15-30 second promotional clip in advance of video content across the web.

Video Pre-Roll

In-Feed Native

It’s all about audience and targeting. Using the power of Informa’s first-party data, you can target In-Feed Native Ads to your selected audience on premium websites across the entire web. It’s a perfect way to reach prospects multiple times per week.

In-Feed Native Ads


Reach your target audience across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Audience Extension on Social leverages the same first party data critical to reaching your target audience. Ad formats support high impact ads utilizing image or video.

Social Media Ads

In-Feed Native Ads

In-Feed Native Social Ad

Social Extension

Rely on our first-party data to power your social campaign and target prospects with precision. Using in-feed native ads we’ll place a compelling headline, image and link back to your content into social platforms, targeting the companies, personas or look-a-likes that you identify.

Define your targets and extend your campaign reach and effectiveness.

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